Friday, August 26, 2011

How to make PRSA dues fit your budget

As the president-elect of Minnesota PRSA, I talk with many public relations professionals about the benefits of being a PRSA member. There are many important reasons to be a PRSA member, from networking to job leads to learning about new technologies and more.

One topic that has come up this year is a proposed $30 dues increase by PRSA National that will be voted on at the PRSA Leadership Assembly in October. Since PRSA National has not raised its dues since 2002, I think that the time is right for an increase. That being said, here are some ways to make PRSA dues fit your budget:
  1. PRSA financial hardship plan:  If you have been a member of PRSA for a total of three or more years, are unemployed and currently up for renewal of your membership, check this out. The PRSA financial hardship plan (opens Word document) provides a savings of $110, and can only be used once over a member's lifetime.
  2. Associate membership:  There are several different types of PRSA membership available, but the associate membership provides significant savings. If you were a PRSSA member and graduated within the past two years, you can join PRSA National for annual dues of $60. The same price is valid if you are a full-time graduate student working toward a public relations degree.
  3. Quarterly payment option:  PRSA National also offers a quarterly dues payment plan for renewing members. Here is a Word document that includes the application.
  4. Lock-in rate for dues:  If the proposed dues increase passes at Leadership Assembly, PRSA National plans on offering a lock-in rate. This means that if you pay your renewal before Dec. 31, 2011, you can pay at this year's rate; your renewal date then moves back 12 months, at which time the dues would switch to the updated rate.
Many people are unaware of the flexible options that PRSA provides. Hopefully one of these will make PRSA dues fit your budget.
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