Monday, January 23, 2012

Radio interview tips

So far we've discussed preparing for TV interviews as well as for print (newspaper or magazine) interviews. Getting ready for a radio interview involves a combination of the recommended preparation for a TV or print interview.

As in any interview, it's helpful to know the background information of the radio show and the person who will be interviewing you. Does the show tend to lean toward one side or the other politically? Is the interviewer generally enthusiastic and positive or often stirring up negativity?

Also, think about your objective for the interview -- what you want to get as a result of participating. Consider your key messages; you will want to often come back to these during the interview. Write down supporting facts or examples that you can use during the interview. A great aspect of radio interviews is that they are usually done over the phone; even if the interview is in the studio, you can have your notes in front of you.

According to presentation and media trainer Mary Milla of What's Your Point?, radio interviews have the following characteristics:
  • They are generally short (five to 10 minutes long).
  • The reporters often know a little bit about the topic.
  • A broadcast soundbite typically lasts nine to 15 seconds, so limit your answers to about 30 seconds to avoid being misquoted.
As always, remember to be enthusiastic and to avoid saying "no comment."

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