Sunday, December 23, 2012

Update on my LivingSocial complaint

livingsocial class action
In October, I wrote a post about LivingSocial, "How $700 got lifted from my wallet. . .my LivingSocial complaint."

I am pleased to report that my wife and I ended up getting a refund. It required working with the Better Business Bureau and some persistence, but we did end up getting our money back.

Interestingly enough, the provider now has changed its name from Maple Grove Wellness to Non-Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities.

On a related note, I received information that LivingSocial recently settled a class action lawsuit. According to the filing, "The Action claims the Vouchers used to redeem LivingSocial Deals are 'gift certificates' and that expiration dates and other conditions applied to the Vouchers violate state and federal gift card and gift certificate regulations. The Action also asserts related claims for breach of contract, false advertising and unjust enrichment."

If you have a LivingSocial deal that has expired, has not been redeemed and has not been refunded, you might be able to be a member of the class action lawsuit.
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