Monday, November 11, 2013

Non-traditional media panel reveals many similarities

While the lines between traditional media, blogs and the social space have become increasingly blurred, many things remain constant.

Building relationships, following up and writing solid content still are important; even the telephone has a place in today’s new media world.

The Non-Traditional Media Panel
“Social media is a great way to build relationships and interact, although email is the preferred way to pitch,” said Jay Gabler of Minnesota Public Radio, one of the participants at a Minnesota PRSA non-traditional media panel hosted by Carmichael Lynch Spong.

Other members of the panel included: Rick Kupchella of BringMeTheNews; John Garland of the Heavy Table and the Growler Magazine; Missy Berggren (aka the “Marketing Mama”) of WCG; and Bruno Bornsztein of Curbly, LLC.

Each participant has had success in his or her own right in the new media sphere. For instance, Kupchella’s BringMeTheNews and related companies have created 100 jobs so far and have received $4.5 million in investments to date. Berggren has transformed her Marketing Mama blog from a way to initially express herself into an award-winning site.

Human interactions, whether good or difficult, still are important in new media.

“Any time I write about beer, inevitably someone is going to call me an idiot,” said Garland. “People are passionate about beer.”

Garland added that he is most impressed when restaurants take his Heavy Table reviews to heart and implement changes based on his feedback.

In terms of connecting with outlets that use freelancers, Gabler recommended pitching both editors
carmichael lynch spong
Carmichael Lynch Spong hosted the non-traditional media panel event.
and contributors. After all, the editors will be seeing the story eventually.

Another constant mentioned by participants is to get in touch with them in the way that they prefer to be contacted. “Getting phone calls from publicists and PR reps is always annoying and often works,” said Gabler, quoting Twin Cities Daily Planet Editor Mary Turck.

In fact, Bornsztein recommended following up. That shows him the story – and his blog – are important.

While Bornsztein and Garland placed more of an emphasis on photos than the others, all panelists agreed that solid content and excellent relationships are important to successfully navigating today’s new media world.  

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