Monday, March 10, 2014

Business Wire releases 'A Guide to Press Release Optimization'


Major changes in search algorithms in the past couple of years have kept search engine optimizers and public relations professionals on their toes.

press release distribution
Press releases, a key tactic in a public relations professional's toolkit, can have an impact on SEO if done correctly. To advise the public relations, investor relations and communications industries, Business Wire recently issued a guidance report titled "A Guide for Press Release Optimization."

“In recent years we have seen many press releases more focused on SEO keywords and strategically placed links — at the expense of quality content. Our new research report provides a welcome path for PR practitioners to return their focus on quality writing. Well-written press releases with engaging multimedia content continue to be among the most powerful and cost-effective communications tools available. We are thrilled to see that quality writing and quality content are at the top of PR best practices for SEO in 2014,” said Tom Becktold, senior vice president of marketing for Business Wire. 

The report offers the following 10 tips:
  1. Research and learn "real time" user behavior
  2. Make friends with the algorithms
  3. Make format improvements
  4. Use natural links
  5. Press release keywords
  6. Focus on quality content
  7. Always include multimedia
  8. Use social media strategically
  9. Use responsive design for mobile
  10. Choose the proper distribution method
I highly recommend downloading the free guide. Visit visit today.

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