Tuesday, May 7, 2013

19 tips for successful public relations

I recently released an eBook to assist individuals with public relations for small business. Called "19 Tips for Successful Public Relations: Insights on Media Relations and Reputation Management," readers will learn how to do public relations through straightforward tips and by analysis of real-life examples.

The eBook consists of tips that originally ran on this blog. Here's a look at the table of contents:
  1. Preparing for a newspaper or magazine interview
  2. Public relations plan elements
  3. What is a press release?
  4. How to find media contact information
  5. TV interview tips
  6. How to find a public relations firm
  7. The Redbox price increase: a different story
  8. What to do when a reporter calls
  9. What is Cyber Monday and other holiday shopping questions answered
  10. Media advice for Kris Humphries
  11. Will Myspace get its sexy back?
  12. Optimizing your online pressroom
  13. Netflix: a company without a clue
  14. Creative inspiration
  15. Good HR makes good PR
  16. Successful event PR tips courtesy of U2
  17. Inkybee review
  18. TurboTax troubles in Minnesota
  19. Twinkies come back to life
The eBook is available for the Kindle, NOOK, and from www.skograndpr.com as a PDF. Order it today!
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